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Mazaka REMOTE CONTROL receivers guarantee reliable and consistently accurate  positioning in solar and mining sites. Therefore, the world's leading solar pile driver uses Mazaka equipment in drilling, mining and construction machine control systems to: control your Mazaka pile driver and construction equipment with and precision drill and lighter productivity for solar fields sites Manage your fleet of machines to increase and eliminate collisions. It is used in solar pile drivers and work machines. If you want to increase productivity and safety on the jobsite, let's discuss how we can help you achieve your goal. Contact us to apply  to your solar pile driver and work machines.

Image by Antonio Janeski

Mazaka GROUP

OSB.Karpuzsekisi Mahallesi  2.Cad. No.42 38315Hacılar-Kayseri / TÜRKİYE


Opening Hours





Monday and Friday

8:15 am – 18:15 pm

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