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Mazaka Group is becoming a World Brand.

It is carried out with a target in order to realize the targets for the activities of Mazaka Group and its subsidiaries. This basic organizational culture is Mazaka Group's element of existence. For Mazaka Group, it is management that interprets global adaptation trends and reflects them in their production. Mazaka Group consists of deceleration in the values ​​measured in 1987, it continues by using it in the most efficient way. Evaluation of human resources and the environment are among its aims. Today, it is a toy brand all over the world in Mazaka Groups. In order to create a successful future as our brand in this world, it is a world brand, especially for our entire production team.


Mazaka Group In the field of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic technologies and system integration; To offer innovative and reliable products and solutions with high added value to its domestic and international customers, especially in the sectors we operate in, and to be a technology company that makes our country and city proud, by reducing Turkey's dependence on foreign technology in the field of technology, and reaching its global targets by increasing brand awareness.


Mazaka Group Its activities are fulfilling the country purpose requirements; To be a technology company that maintains its sustainable growth with the values ​​it creates for its suppliers and customers in the global market, is preferred with its competitive power, is trusted, sensitive to the environment and people.


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